Mana Crystals

Mana Crystals 


One of the largest discovered crystal caves in Areth.  Photo taken under the Thunder Plains. 

Mana crystals are naturally-occurring, photoluminescent crystals, that contain conduits of pure arcane energy.  These crystals may serve many purposes to those who know how to use them. Nomadic Meji use mana crystals to craft rounds for their hexlock revolvers and rifles.  Engineers and technologists use mana crystals to power their Arcanix Engines, and all sorts of other machines, from airships to mining and refining equipment. 

Nix Crystals 

A field of nix crystals, waiting for collection.  Photo taken outside of Norris City. 

The most common and least valuable mana crystals, nix crystals are most regularly found in fragments, no larger than one centimeter.  They can be located easily at night, as they gently glow blue.  They seem to float to the surface nightly, as they are lighter than the sand, and very gently vibrate.  Nix crystals are used in arcane focuses, hexlock ammunition, minor magical items and can even be synthesized as an ingredient in the hallucinogenic drug, Sight.  Going rates in rural areas are roughly 10 copper per 100 grams. 

Scry Stones 

Arcanists can make powerful scry stones, which allow them magnificent capabiltiies, such as seeing through the eyes of others, sapping moisture out of the haze or even allowing them to levitate.  

Iode Crystals 

Iode stones occur relatively close to the surface, but are much harder to find than the shallow-dwelling nix crystals.  Iodes are most commonly used for powering arcanix engines, arcane batteries and moderately powerful magical items.  Going rates depend on clarity, cleavage, weight, shape, etc. 

Oxyline Crystals 

Dark and deep-dwelling crystals with incredible arcane qualities.  The most sought-after oxyline crystals are used to make scry stones, powerful magical items, extravagant jewelry, astrological equipment, and condensation towers.  Going rates depend on clarity, cleavage, weight, shape, etc., however, even the lowest quality oxyline crystals are worth a small fortune. 

Urumite Crystals 

Urumite crystals occur nearby palladium depositis, deep in the soil.  They are the rarest of the mana crystals, and have the highest value, by far.  Though not as powerful as oxyline or iode crystals for conventional purposes, some scientists believe that they have latent extraplanar capabilities; as such. urumite crystals are most sought after by astonomers. 

Mana Crystals

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