Beyond the Outpost

Terrapin Outpost



Named for the fossilized remains of giant tortoises that were exhumed in a dried-out reservoir, Terrapin is an outer colony on the desert world of Areth.  Its closest neighbors are Kassara's Pass (55km), and Lono Village (32km); the nearest city is Lightbridge (110km).  


Terrapin is the smallest established community, west of Lightbridge.  Its population has hovered around one-hundred for several decades.  

Resources and Artifacts 

Like most establishments in this part of the world, Terrapin is not overly resource heavy.  It's primary exports are nix crystals, silver and fossils.  

Around the time that Terrapin was founded, a small temple was unearthed.  Inside, dozens of pieces of pottery, bronze utensils, and vestments were found.  In the largest antechamber, a cache of silver coins was discovered, along with several magically-imbued relics.  The treasures were sold off to expand the settlement.  The temple was converted into a reservoir.  

Fig and pomegranate trees thrive naturally within the area.  Local farmers also grow melons, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic. 


A small marketplace is at the center of town.  Several merchants travel to town every month to sell exotic wares.  


At the town center, there is an unearthed limestone temple that has been converted into a reservoir.  There are a dozen adobe houses surrounding the temple, and several flights of restored stairs descending from the center.  Most domiciles in the town are canvas tents, reconstituted tech, and some of the more creative dwellers have made house frames out of the ribcages of long-departed whales, covered in thatching and mud.  


Most of the villages inhabitants are humans, but there are a handful of orms and a few archons. 


Terrapin's community is close knit.  Everyone knows everyone on a first-name basis, and folks work very hard to co-exist and thrive.  As such, the class systems that are very prominent in the larger cities are merely ceremonial in Terrapin.  Though many cultures dwell in Areth, the folks of different lifestyles have become culture-fluid here, but some cultural behaviors still exist.  The most common cultures are strapcoat, ashhaven, and glimmershard. 


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